William Glenn Scott
"Glenn Shadix"
In Loving Memory of Glenn Shadix 1952-2010

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Eulogy for Glenn Shadix by Joe Openshaw

Remembering Glenn Shadix by Gigi Talley from Arts in Alabama Ocotober 2010 (pg 28-29)

In Memoriam

At the time of Glenn’s memorial service in Birmingham, close friends and family were given the opportunity to write down and share fond memories about Glenn.  Here are some of those memories.

            Glenn, we miss you so much, but I know you enjoyed the service -  Joe Openshaw


            Glenn and I bonded over our mutual connection to the University of North Alabama (or ‘Florence State,’ as Glenn called it).  I was a journalist at the time and interviewed Glenn for the New York Times news service.  We got to know each other very well and saw each other at film conventions and during my frequent trips to Hollywood.   In 2008, Glenn served as one of my celebrity judges for the George Lindsey/UNA Film Festival.  He was a total pro and such a grand trouper!  We talked about bringing him back to UNA for a special celebration of his life and work.  Sadly, that never happened.  Glenn was a gentle, loving life-affirming spirit; I loved him dearly and I will miss him. - Terry Pace


            FAREWELL, ‘MAD’: 

            The world is a smaller place without you.  I’ll never forget meeting you… New York… 3 a.m. phone calls from all over the world. – Gayle “Fish”


            Just before Christmas, Glenn got a (thankfully false) diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, with 3-6 months to live.  He called me to come see him at his condo.  He told me he had taken care of his family, but he couldn’t will his SAG pension to anyone but a spouse.  He knew I was in poor financial shape, so he asked me to marry him so I could have his pension after he was gone.  Thank the dear Lord, we found it was a misdiagnosis, and he was fine.  But, it meant so much to me that at such an awful time, he was thinking not of himself , but of caring for his friends and family.  I’ve known Glenn for 40 years and I’ll miss him forever. – Karyl Kernodel-Rice


            I loved sitting with Glenn on my deck or at his house, but some of my favorite times were when we would sit down and he would read to me a story he’d written.  One favorite was about ‘Salome”, his (childhood) housekeeper.  He would read the story with voice inflections to mimic each character.  One story about 2 aunts and a thunderstorm was also entertaining.  Every moment with Glenn was entertaining.  I will miss him deeply. – Gigi Talley


            Glenn spent a week with me and Frank.  He told so many wonderful stories, I looked forward to coming home every evening to hear the next great story!  I loved to sit and listen and really enjoyed each time I had the honor to be with him! – Tammy Scott


            Playing with Hot Wheels in the basement while listening to the Mamas and the Papas – Alan Ousley


            My Most Precious Time With Glenn

            We picked blackberries together and sold them.  Nima Lois taught us to ride horses and we were in the Rebel Riders Saddle Club together.  I loved him.  Would like to read his stories. – Shirley Allcorn Black


            ’Whatever your dream, pursue it with passion…’ (Personal conversation with Glenn at a benefit for BAO in 2007.” – Lisa Cabrera


            TALE OF THE TUNA

            In the mid-seventies, Glenn and I planned to visit BSC friends in NYX.  He was thrilled and said he hadn’t been there.  While packing his bag, I saw copious quantities of canned tuna fish.  I was aghast with visions of his bag popping open on Fifth Avenue and tune flying everywhere.  I said ‘They sell tuna fish in New York, and not for significantly more money than in the ‘Ham.  You are not packing tuna.  Period!’  With laughter, we referred to the tuna fish episode for the next 36 years. – William Wright (formerly of West Hollywood)


            I first knew (of) Glenn through his role in Beetlejuice, but I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn in person the night before my dad married his mom.  He had flown in from California for the wedding and Ann introduced us.  I liked him instantly and felt his warmth, charm, and grace.  We kept in contact when he returned to California through e-mails, etc.  He sent me a picture of him in Beetlejuice and signed it, although he never made a big deal of his “celebrity.”  I sat with him for a while at a DragonCon in Atlanta and he was so gracious to his fans.  I miss you, Glenn, and I will always think of you with fondness. – Lisa Barnard Dekle


            When my daughter was four, the movie Dunstan Checks In was coming on TV that night.  Glenn is my mother’s cousin.  That night I told my daughter that “Grandmother’s cousin is coming on TV tonight; we have to watch him. He’s in that movie with the monkey.”  Amazed, my daughter replied, “Grandmother’s cousin is a monkey?” – Anonymous


            Several years ago I came to Birmingham to give my mom one of my kidneys.  The day after I was released from the hospital, I met Glenn for the first time.  We were nearly inseparable from that moment on.  We spent some part of nearly every day of the month I was here together.  I continually had to beg him to quit being so funny because it hurt so bad to laugh.  He kept telling me that he had to “stop keeping me in stitches so I could actually stay in stitches.”

            He said to me once that our friendship was “aggressive.”  We were strangers connected by marriage and separated by twenty years, yet we really had no choice in the matter of our friendship.  From that first day to the three-and-a-half hour phone conversation we had on Sunday, we were never again strangers and there was no twenty-year age gap. 

            Glenn was my best friend.

            He had the most amazing capacity to love and had a heart big enough to hold the entire world – and he often tried to do just that.

            There simply are no words to explain how much I loved him.

            My life was changed forever the day I met him and my world will never be the same now that I’ve lost him.

            We never have enough time on this earth with the people we love, but I am so very grateful for every single second I had with him.

            My heart was broken on Tuesday and I will miss him for the rest of my life. – Victoria Dadi

            Loved this southern gentleman. Helen Lawson


A man for whom I have known such a short time You have changed my views on so much.  I will miss our chats.  You will be missed my friend.  Matt Morris, Sr.


Glenn put me in his clock series and said the best things about me. I wish they were all true. Just before he died he linked his website to mine which I hope remains forever. – Cherry


Met Glenn in 1972 on Halloween. Glenn was dressed as a clown, full makeup. He slept on my sofa that night and left the makeup on the upholstery. He took a piece of my heart. – Anne


Glenn will be with me forever on my email page. He was my pal, my dear friend. I often talked to him and I'm waiting for an answer now. I loved and love him. – Jo


I’ll never forget that one particular day shopping with you for literally everything.  I still can’t believe we got more stuff into your car than we could stack on the elevator. – Gary Childress


My dear brother Glenn gifted me with one sentence that has changed my life. And I will make sure that I pass it down to my children. "Shoot for the stars little sister, not the ditches!" – Susan Gagne