The Clock Series
Cami Cooper

Sweet Cami could have been a major movie star but she was not that interested in giving it all to show biz.  We met while co-starring with Stockard Channing and Ed Begley in MEET THE APPLEGATES.  She was so incredibly fun to work with and we shared a lot of laughs.  A car load of idiotic and drunk actors went cow-tipping in Oshkosh (unsuccessfully) one night and Cami sat in the car and laughed at all of us out in 10 degree weather hassling cows.

Cami only made a couple of films after APPLEGATES.  She married Farhad Mann and the last movie she made was one he directed in 1996 called LAWNMOWER MAN 2: BEYOND CYBERSPACE.  Believe me Cami, I understand.  Cami and Farhad had a baby in 1990 and they are either in Beverly Hills or Saudi Arabia or Cleveland for all I know.

Wherever the hell you are Cami, I would very much like to hear from you. Much love to your family.  email me at

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