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  .December 10th, 2003

Glenn is off to Tokyo for a week of appearances in Japan.

"I am looking forward to this adventure. It's been a dream of mine to visit Japan. I particularly want to see the Bun Rake (Japan's National Puppet Theater) I'll have about four days on my own to explore. Can't wait to meet my fans in Japan!"

Tim Burton, Catherine O'Hara and Glenn celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas at a screening of the film at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood October 16,2003

  .June 12th , 2003

Glenn recently returned to California after an extended trip to New York, London and Alabama.

"It was an amazing time for me. I sandwiched a trip home to Alabama between two trips to Manhattan and then was off to the UK for appearances in London, North Hampton and a wonderful week of rest at Fabdens, the 500 year old estate (built in 1430) of the late Sir Nigel Hawthorne, as a guest of his partner of 25 years, Trevor Bentham. Trevor is a playwright and screenwriter who has become my mentor as a writer. Upon my return to Los Angeles my first screenplay was accepted to be produced by The American Film Institute. I am currently quite a busy boy. I am about to film my third episode of HBO's new fall series CARNIVALE as well as working furiously on the pre-production of SUNSET TUXEDO. I have also dropped 130 pounds, so there is quite a bit less of me with energy to do much more!

Pictured from left to right in the photo below taken at my home in Alabama are some of my my nieces and nephews, Kelsey,Connor, Hagan and Laura. The photographer whose reflection is caught in the mirror is my brother Scotty, father of the beautiful children surrounding me. It was pure joy to spend time with my sister Susan, her husband Eddie and their two boys Daniel and Samuel. I took my mom to see a local production of LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE and also got to spend some quality time with my step-father Herman Barnard. Vacation Over. Hard work ahead!

  .April 24th , 2003

On Wednesday April 23 Glenn completed work on his second episode of HBO's new fall series, CARNIVALE set in 1930's California.

"This is a complete original. There's really nothing like it on T.V. It's a treat to work for HBO."

Glenn and Lorna Scott as Mr. and Mrs. Val Templeton on HBO's CARNIVALE

Glenn is off to New York, Alabama and the U.K. for a nice three week vacation. "I'll be making some personal appearances but this is mostly just an excuse to do some traveling."

  .March 20th, 2003
  Glenn will be appearing at CREATION'S GRAND SLAM SCI-FI SUMMIT March 28th, 29th, and 30th in Pasadena, California at the Pasadena Center (300 E. Green Street). For more information, please click here.

  .March 5th, 2003

Glenn just completed his first appearance on HBO's new series, CARNIVALE.

FROM CARNIVALE: Amy Madigan, Glenn, and Clancy Brown.

Glenn will be riding high in a hot air baloon this Thursday March 6th to open the festivities at The Idaho International Film Festival where SHUT YER DIRTY LITTLE MOUTH will be screened. Glenn will be appearing at the Festival March 6th - 9th

  February 13th, 2003

Glenn just completed a guest appearance on Tracey Ullman's new HBO Special (and series pilot) RUBY ROMAINE TRAILER TALES.

"It was quite a cast, from Debbie Reynolds to Cheech Marin. We all had fun with one of my favorite of Tracey's characters: Ruby Romaine. Ruby is a retirement -age Hollywood make-up artist and I play a semi-retired wardrobeman named Garland. This was the first time I have been 'aged' for a role. It was just some latex stippling that gave me lots of wrinkles and major crow's feet!"

Paul Dooley, Glenn, Barbara Bain and Tracey Ullman as "Ruby Romaine" on location at the legendary Formosa Cafe in Hollywood.

Ruby Romaine's Clock photo will be appearing very soon and we will let you know when this HBO special is set to air.

  October 28th, 2002

Glenn, Shelley Duvall, and Henry Selick appeared on a panel before two sold-out audiences at The El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd Friday October 25th. The Tim Burton short, FRANKENWEENIE, starring Ms.Duvall, was first on the bill followed by Burton's VINCENT and finally a screening of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Glenn, Shelley Duvall, and Henry Selick.

"I enjoyed seeing old friends in the audience and managed to catch the first showing of FRANKENWEENIE. Next year promises to be a big tenth year anniversary celebration for NIGHTMARE. Maybe we can lure Tim into making an appearance..."

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  .October 4th, 2002

Disney transforms the Haunted Mansion into Halloween Town!

Glenn Shadix and Catherine O'Hara were featured panelists as Disney celebrated the second year of Jack Skellington's hijacking of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

Catherine O'Hara and Glenn Shadix.

Click here for more pictures and a full report on Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Holiday!

  September 26th, 2002

SHUT YER DIRTY LITTLE MOUTH wins "Best Satire" at The New York Film and Video Festival.

Michelle Phillips and Glenn Shadix.

Glenn attended the New York festival screening with Michelle Phillips on Friday September 20th. "It was a terrific night. The screening went very well and the party at Clay afterward went on until almost dawn."

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