I don't expect they were really sisters

If you have heard Sisters Love before, you were probably hearing their lost-classic disco song "Give Me Your Love" which was revived in 1980 by an NYC DJ named Danny Krivit and again in '91 by Queen Latifah on Nature Of A Sistah (which, alarmingly, Megan and I both own on cassette.) For all their talent and early momentum - they toured with the Jackson 5 and show up in the Blaxploitation opus The Mack - the Sisters never really blew up. They never even released an album proper. This Soul Jazz release is a collection of previously rare singles the band kicked out during disco's golden hour.

But if they were, they definitely handed over singing duty to the right sibling. She's got soul in the hole. This music is premium blend: pop, soul, funk, acid jazz. Shaken not stirred. By turns audacious, sly, machosensuous. No need to look that last word up, because I invented it.

"Try It, You'll Like It" has especially grown on me. Despite its sounding like a song that would be playing over the end credits of a Neurotic WASP Sex-Fear Comedy like Must Love Dogs, as the aerial crane shot pulls back from the big, full-cast barbeque.